Aleh Mazol| 28.07.2021
Jurisdictional Competition for FDI in Developing and Developed Countries
This brief is based on research studying jurisdictional competition between countries and its influence on the inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI). The study compares jurisdictional competition among the developing Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries with competition among developed EU countries.
Radzivon Marozau|Radzivon Marozau| 01.10.2020
Prospects for Corporate Governance Development in Belarus
The aim of the paper is to analyze the current state of and prospects for the development of corporate governance in Belarus to ensure more effective and wide-scale implementation of the core principles of corporate governance in the state-controlled and the private sectors.
Sergey Mazol| 02.06.2020
Implementation of the principle of gender equality in corporate governance: experience of the Republic of Belarus
This paper is devoted to the study of the concept of responsible investment and the assessment of gender balance in the corporate governance of state-owned companies in Belarus.
| 25.06.2019
Foreign investment: ICT sector as an example to follow
In 2018, only the ICT sector was stably attractive to investors, unlike public sector assets. Belarus’ overall investment prospects remained bleak.
| 30.04.2019
Belarus: Comparative Research on Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones
The study focuses on three issues. First, the paper analyses the Belarusian experience in the creation of special economic zones. Second, we look at how the GSIP has been developing so far and what lessons have been learned from the past experience. Lastly, this paper makes policy recommendations on how to increase the efficiency of the Belarus-China cooperation under the GSIP project.
| 20.12.2018
Foreign Investment: Startups and Innovations or Loans
Although the government’s plans to raise foreign financing were fulfilled, the results of 2017 were ambiguous in this respect. The private sector and, especially, hi-tech startups generated investors’ profound interest. Investments in the public sector were provided by the state through external borrowing and redistribution of funds raised this way. The public sector thus remains unattractive for investors, but, in fact, it seeks state subsides, rather than investments. In 2017, the government took a number of important steps to improve the regulatory framework for investment and to stimulate business ventures.

Foreign Investment: Startups and Innovations or Loans