Conference of Young Researchers in Economics and Finance

The Conference of Young Researchers in Economics and Finance 2018 took place in Minsk in Beijing Hotel, Lotus Hall, on December 22, 2018.

This conference provided students with an opportunity to present research work and get valuable feedback from leading international scholars. It served as a great place for networking and knowledge sharing.


Daria Minina, Tinbergen Institute

Alexander Novopoltsev, Belarusian State University

Aliaksandr Zaretski, Emory University

Anatoly Kharytonchyk, Viktoria Utseshava, National Bank of Belarus

Slavek Roller, Goethe University Frankfurt

Hanna Charankevich, University of Virginia

Marina Tulyakova, University of Trento

Kristina Manysheva, Northwestern University


Daria Minina (Tinbergen Institute) - Inflation Expectation Formation: Laboratory Experiment in High and Low Inflation Environment

Alexander Novopoltsev (Belarusian State University) - Using Microdata on Companies to Monitor Financial Stability

Aliaksandr Zaretski (Emory University) - Banking Crises, Sovereign Default and Macroprudential Policy

Anatoly Kharytonchyk, Viktoria Utseshava (National Bank of Belarus) - Is There A Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Transmission in Belarus?

Slavek Roller (Goethe University Frankfurt) - The Anatomy of Medical Research: Public Owners Behind Private Firms

Hanna Charankevich (University of Virginia) - Does Community Monitoring Increase the Effectiveness of Public Procurement (joint with Svetlana Pivovarova)

Marina Tulyakova (University of Trento) - A Dynamic Model for Optimal Covenants in Loan Contracts

Kristina Manysheva (Northwestern University) - Implications of Mobile Money for Savings and Consumption Smoothing in Developing Countries