Policy Briefs

Female Entrepreneurs in Transition: Social Norms, Double Burden and the Next Generation
This brief focuses on the social aspects a businesswoman faces in a transition economy such as Belarus: Who is she? What are her social roles? And how do entrepreneurial families differ from average families in Belarus?
|Anastasiya Luzgina| 12.10.2021
Green Banking and Its Development in Belarus
This brief discusses green banking with a special focus on the development and challenges of this industry in Belarus. It concludes by providing policy recommendations for green banking development in the country.
Anders Olofsgård|Svante Strömberg| 28.07.2021
Vaccination Progress and the Opening Up of Economies
In this brief, we report on the FREE network webinar on the state of vaccinations and the challenges ahead for opening up economies while containing the pandemic, held on June 22, 2021.
|Maryia Akulava|Radzivon Marozau|Violetta Panasevich| 28.07.2021
Did the Government Help Belarusian SMEs to Survive in 2020?
Capitalizing on the dataset obtained from five waves of the Covideconomy Project business survey, we explore how pandemic-related shocks and state economic policy responses influenced the performance of Belarusian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in 2020. We find that Belarusian SMEs were left on their own with the COVID-related economic challenges, and only a small portion of enterprises could benefit from state support measures.