Policy Papers

Policy papers - applied research on economics that is practically oriented to form a strategy for promoting economic growth and improving the quality of economic policy in Belarus.
Anastasia Luzgina| 20.01.2023
Currency Market of Belarus
Main trends and challenges
Yauheniya Shershunovich|Mariya Gorskaya| 18.01.2023
Climate risk perception among the population in Belarus
Belarus Change Tracker
2nd issue
Environmentally responsible behavior among the population in Belarus
Active actions and information habits
Anastasia Luzgina| 25.05.2022
Leasing and Digitalization
Main Trends and Prospects for Belarus
Pavel Daneyko|Svetlana Merezhnaya|Victoria Mikhalchik| 21.04.2022
The Statistical Portrait of Business Associations in Belarus
Dynamics Of the Past 30 Years.