Policy Papers

Policy papers - applied research on economics that is practically oriented to form a strategy for promoting economic growth and improving the quality of economic policy in Belarus.
Anastasia Luzgina| 14.10.2020
Digitalization of the payment services and retail trade as a stimulus for development of the banking sector
The paper analyzes electronic payment instruments and means of payments in the Republic of Belarus.
Anastasia Luzgina| 07.05.2020
New challenges and features of the financial sector functioning in the conditions of pandemic
The policy paper considers the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund and analyses the measures that central banks take to support and enhance the quality of financial institutions work with economic entities, including customers, that are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Aleksandr Vashchilko| 31.12.2016
Effects of Trade Wars on Belarus
The trade wars following the 2014 events in Ukraine affected not only the directly involved participants, but also countries like Belarus that were affected through international trade linkages. According to estimations based on a model outlined in Ossa (2014), these trade wars led to an increase in the trade flow through Belarus and thereby an increase of its tariff revenue. At the same time, because of a ban on imports in the sectors of meat and dairy products, the tariff revenue of Russia declined.