Working Papers

Working papers - academic research on economy aimed at enhancing the knowledge about economic processes, problems and trends through development of new theories and concepts. The results of these studies are published in leading international journals, as for example SAGE Knowledge, Journal of Economic Development, Research Policy (Science Direct)Baltic Journal of Economics, Eastern Economic Journal and etc.

Quarterly Projection Model for Belarus:
Methodological Aspects and Practical Application
Entrepreneurial intentions in a turbulent environment
The role of own perceptions versus objective consequences of socio-economic shocks
Belarusian businesses abroad
Needs, challenges and cooperation prospects
Global Enterpreneurship Monitor
Dzmitry Kruk|Kateryna Bornukova|Christopher A. Hartwell|Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek| 08.04.2022
The Economic Reconstruction of Belarus
Next Steps after a Democratic Transition