Working Papers

Working papers - academic research on economy aimed at enhancing the knowledge about economic processes, problems and trends through development of new theories and concepts. The results of these studies are published in leading international journals, as for example SAGE Knowledge, Journal of Economic Development, Research Policy (Science Direct)Baltic Journal of Economics, Eastern Economic Journal and etc.

Kateryna Bornukova|Katerina Lisenkova| 11.12.2015
Effects of Population Ageing on the Pension System in Belarus
Belarus currently has a relatively generous pay-as-you-go pension system, but population aging coupled with recent problems with economic growth will soon make it unsustainable. We build a rich OLG model of Belarusian economy, which shows that without reform the Pension Fund will run into persistent and growing deficit, which will reach 9 per cent of GDP by 2055. We also compute the fiscal projections of several parametric pension reforms.
Maksim Yemelyanau| 11.09.2009
Second Agriculture in Belarus and Ukraine: Aubsistence or Leisure?
In this paper the author uses household budget surveys from both countries to explain and quantify the roles of the “second agriculture”in both Belarus and Ukraine and to shed light on the surprising patterns.
Maksim Yemelyanau| 11.04.2009
Inequality in Belarus from 1995 to 2007
This paper studies the evolution of inequality in Belarus in 1995-2007, decomposes inequality by sources of income, and provides a comparison of Belarus and Ukraine.