Radzivon Marozau|Natalja Apanasovich|Maribel Guerrero|Radzivon Marozau| 06.07.2021
Evolution of Technology Transfer in Belarus: Two Parallel Dimensions in a Post-Soviet Country
This paper explores the development of knowledge and technology transfer policies in Belarus during the post-Soviet period.
|Hanna Aginskaya| 25.02.2021
The Role of Business Associations in the Economy and Business
This article opens a series of studies devoted to the activities of business associations in Belarus and worldwide.
Radzivon Marozau|Radzivon Marozau| 01.10.2020
Prospects for Corporate Governance Development in Belarus
The aim of the paper is to analyze the current state of and prospects for the development of corporate governance in Belarus to ensure more effective and wide-scale implementation of the core principles of corporate governance in the state-controlled and the private sectors.
Radzivon Marozau|Maryia Akulava|Radzivon Marozau|Aliaksandr Abrashkevich|Maribel Guerrero| 23.07.2020
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report: GEM Belarus 2019/2020
In this publication, we present the findings of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), a 2019 comprehensive study of various aspects of entrepreneurial activity conducted in Belarus for the first time by the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) office in Belarus.