| 07.05.2020
High education: distribution of admission scores
The paper considers demanding qualifications among applicants, distributions, and dynamics of admission scores.
| 12.02.2019
Education of children and parents: intergenerational mobility and impact on income
Improving quality of education led to the reduction of the social inequality and growth of equal opportunities in many countries. This policy paper examines the issue of intergenerational mobility in Belarus and looks at to what extent the level of parental education impacts on the income of individuals. The results reflect high and significant level of social mobility in the country for all age cohorts. In general, there is a significant growth in the educational level of the younger generation in relation to their parents.
Radzivon Marozau| 04.01.2019
Modernization and development of Belarusian higher education institutions based on the entrepreneurial university framework
The policy paper considers prerequisites and factors conditioning the development of entrepreneneurial higher education institutions (universities 3.0) in Belarus. Capitalizing on state-of-the-art academic research and policy initiatives in the field, as well as on the custom-made survey of Belarusian faculty members, the paper analyses the environment for higher education institutions' modernization and provides policy recommendations.
Alexander Gedranovich|Mykhaylo Salnykov| 11.07.2012
Productivity Analysis of Belarusian Higher Education System
In this paper the authors explore the issue of the measurement of productivity in the context of higher education.
Alina Verashchagina| 11.09.2009
Education and Socioeconomic Mobility in Post-Communist Countries
This paper investigates the trends in intergenerational educational mobility in thirteen post-communist economies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the former Soviet Union (FSU) for which little empirical evidence has been made available thus far.