Kateryna Bornukova|Uladzimir Valetka|Jose Cuesta| Gleb Shymanovich| 29.12.2020
UNICEF Policy Brief: Commitment To Equity For Children: Redistributive Effects And Efficiency Of Social Assistance To Households With Children In Belarus
The main objective of the study was to understand the redistributive effects of social and fiscal policies on children in Belarus. Accordingly, researchers considered not only monetary poverty but also multidimensional child poverty (MDCP).
Kateryna Bornukova|Uladzimir Valetka|Yuliya Yafimenka| 29.12.2020
UNICEF Policy Brief: Demographic Dividend for Belarus
This brief presents the results of DemDiv modelling for Belarus.
Natalya Shcherbina| 29.10.2019
Demography in the trap of social policy: which measures can (can’t) help to increase fertility in Belarus
Since the mid-2000s, the fertility rate in Belarus was increasing and staying higher than optimistic forecasts of the UN. However, since 2017 the trend has turned around without any negative shocks from the economy or demographic and social policy. This discussion paper analyzes what happens to Belarusian fertility, why this happens and how social policy affects fertility.

Kateryna Bornukova| 31.12.2015
Maternity Support Programs in Belarus
This paper analyzes the effects of child-care leave and maternity capital policies, and provides recommendations for Belarus.