Открытые лекции и семинары

Aвтор: Victor Arshavskiy, CTED at NYU Abu Dhabi & BEROC

Тема: Market integration in developing countries: literature review and directions for further research

Дата и время: пятница, 26 августа 2016 г., 15:30 - 17:30

Место: IPM Business School, pr. Gazety Pravda 11B, basement floor

Рабочий язык лекции: английский

Market integration in developing countries is crucial condition under which new economic policies and technological advancements will positively affect economic growth. Consider the following example: a farmer is deciding whether to implement a new technology, which, at some cost, should significantly increase output. If there is only one local market, which is not integrated to other markets in the country, increased output will just plummet the pries and return on the investment may be low or negative. If, however, markets are integrated, the excess of the product will “flow” to the central market and from there to other markets in the country, and price effect will be minimal. In this case, the farmer has much higher incentives to implement the new technology, which facilitates economic growth. I review recent advances in this field and suggest some future research directions.