Policy Papers

Policy papers - applied research on economics that is practically oriented to form a strategy for promoting economic growth and improving the quality of economic policy in Belarus.
| 31.12.2017
Barriers and drivers of women's entrepreneurship in Belarus
We have conducted the number of interviews with female entrepreneurs and top managers of Belarusian companies.
Anatomy of Belarusian JSCs
We do not know about: how effective are Belarusian enterprises, what is the share of state enterprises in the economy, what is the difference between private and state enterprises, what is the distribution of labor, capital and materials among firms. This work is an attempt to answer these questions using the data on JSCs.
| 20.12.2015
Role of Private Sector in Belarus: Problem of Evaluation
The development of a private sector and the expansion of its role in the economy is one of the key goals repeatedly announced by the Belarusian authorities. The reforms carried out in Belarus in 2006-2014 moved the country from 106th to 57th position in the World Bank Doing Business ranking. The official statement is that reforms boosted the rapid development of business initiatives and its impact on economic development.
| 20.12.2012
Portrait of a Belarusian Entrepreneur
This work studies the impact of all the three groups of factors on the development of business activities in Belarus.
Olga Belskaya|Daria Uryutina| 20.12.2012
Belarusian Business Associations: Problems and Potential Development
The research was focused on business associations (hereinafter referred to as BA) in Belarus.