Kateryna Bornukova|Uladzimir Valetka|Yuliya Yafimenka| 29.12.2020
UNICEF Policy Brief: Demographic Dividend for Belarus
This brief presents the results of DemDiv modelling for Belarus.
Kateryna Bornukova|Alexander Chubrik|Kiryl Haiduk|Pavel Daneyko|Dzmitry Kruk| 28.10.2020
Transformation of SOE Sector in Belarus
This paper is addressed to economic policy makers. Proposed recommendations can be considered as a minimum starting point for further discussion aimed at developing specific proposals for reforming state-owned enterprises.
Kateryna Bornukova|Nadezhda Godes|Evgenia Scherba| 10.04.2020
Confidence in the Economy: What Is It, How It Works And Why We Need It?
The article provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the confidence category, examines the influence of confidence in the authorities and the expectations of economic agents on economic growth, stability, and reveals the role of communication policy in building confidence.
Kateryna Bornukova| 10.04.2020
Demography as a Challenge for Economic Growth
Population ageing and declined in birth rates are among the major challenges to Belarusian economic development. The labor force is projected to decline, and the Social Protection Fund would run into deficits. To make the pension system sustainable, we need to switch to a partially funded pension system.
Kateryna Bornukova| 20.03.2020
Preventing a perfect storm
A perfect economic storm is approaching Belarus. A GDP decline in 2020 has become almost inevitable. In the near future, the Belarusian economy will face new serious difficulties. Competent anticipatory actions - which must be taken immediately - can mitigate the loss of output and incomes, and prevent or limit financial stress.