Kateryna Bornukova|Alexandru Cojocaru|Mikhail Matytsin|Gleb Shymanovich| 04.11.2019
Poverty, Vulnerability, and Household Coping Strategies during the 2015–16 Recession in Belarus
This paper examines the impact of the recent recession in Belarus on poverty and broader measures of household welfare and compares the recent recession episode to previous economic crises in Belarus.
Kateryna Bornukova|Nataliia Leshchenko|Mikhail Matytsin| 07.03.2019
Fiscal Incidence in Ukraine: A Commitment to Equity Analysis
The paper employs the Commitment to Equity framework to present a first attempt at a comprehensive fiscal incidence analysis for Ukraine, encompassing the revenue and expenditures components of the fiscal system, including direct and indirect taxes, as well as direct, indirect, and in-kind transfers.
Kateryna Bornukova| 25.09.2018
The Impact of the Russian crisis on the Belarusian economy: the trade channel
A chapter by Kateryna Bornukova and Igor Livshits titled The Impact of the Russian crisis on the Belarusian economy: the trade channel is published in a book The Russian Economy under Putin edited by Torbjörn Becker and Susanne Oxenstierna.
Kateryna Bornukova|Yuri Tserlukevich| 09.01.2018
Trust, institutions and economic growth in Belarus
Trust in the society promotes cooperative behavior outside inner circle and can be associated with socio-economic development. This paper considers the current level and dynamics of trust in Belarusian society, the interaction of trust and the quality of institutions, and the role of trust in achieving economic growth. A number of mechanisms promoting the development of trust are presented.