Working Papers

|Torbjörn Becker| Helena Schweiger|Bas B. Bakker|Tymofiy Mylovanov| 17.08.2018

The future of CIS and CEE countries

This article is based on a panel discussion on the future of transition countries 25 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. All the contributors have long professional and personal experience of various aspects of the transition process so far and provide different perspectives on what to expect for the region in the future. However, the need for continued reform in many areas of the respective economies are highlighted to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth in the future. A continued focus on enhancing productivity is the key to future economic success. Investments in human and physical capital need to be complemented with strengthening the fundamental institutions that make such investments possible and desirable for all relevant stakeholders. It will not be an easy reform process, but the alternatives are much less desirable for the vast majority of people in these countries.

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