Monitoring of Belarusian Economy

Monitoring of Belarusian Economy

Trends, Sentiments and Expectations

In December, 2021 BEROC launched Monitoring of Belarusian Economy – a new series of reports aimed at filling an existing gap of information about main trends in the economy, business, and consumer confidence. We believe that filling this gap will help to reduce polarization of the information space and disorientation of economic agents, either consumers or decision makers.

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By now, BEROC published a quarterly monitoring “Belarusian Economic Outlook”. In addition to this report, we plan to publish a consumer confidence review, a business sentiment review, and several reports covering issues of economic growth prospects, financial stability, and inflation expectations.

We hope that our efforts will deliver as unbiased product as possible and help to improve standards of economic analytics in Belarus and respective decision-making. Target audience of the monitoring includes not only professional experts from think-tanks or international organizations, but also  business, media, CSOs, public activists and all those who are interested in economic affairs in Belarus.