Open Lectures and Seminars


Open Lecture with Anastasiya Luzgina

On November 23, 2018 BEROC organized an open lecture “Blockchain Technology - Potential Possibilities and Real Application” with Anastasiya Luzgina.

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In the course of the lecture, the essence of the blockchain as well as main possibilities of this technology adoption were discussed. The main part of the lecture was dedicated to blockchain implementation outside of cryptocurrency market, including such spheres as administration, financial operations, delivery of goods and services, and others. Blockchain technology was considered through the prism of "network effects" theory also. Participants got acquainted with examples of blockchain technology as a payment system, in which cryptocurrencies act as means of payment. Questions of cryptocurrency essence as well as central banks positions about cryptocurrency market regulation were explained. The last but not the least question was about the risks and barriers of blockchain implementation in the nearest future.

At the end of the lecture Anastasiya shared her experience in participation in the Fulbright program.