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Presentation of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report: GEM Belarus 2019/2020

BEROC together with the IFC held the presentation of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report: GEM Belarus 2019/2020. This year, Belarus participated in this influential international study for the first time.

The country report was prepared by BEROC jointly with the IFC. It provides insight into social attitudes towards entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial activity rates and entrepreneurial aspirations of the population, as well as constraints and drivers for entrepreneurship.

Presentation of GEM findings for Belarus was made by Radzivon Marozau (BEROC Research Associate) and Maryia Akulava (BEROC Researcher). The experts described the GEM methodology and presented the results of the Adult Population Survey (APS) and the National Expert Survey (NES) in Belarus.

Overview of the use of GEM findings in other countries was made by Maribel Guerrero (Professor, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University; Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile).