Policy Papers

| 16.06.2020

Social initiatives of SMEs and social entrepreneurship in Belarus

The paper is dedicated to the social activity of business and is based on a survey of small and medium enterprises in Belarus. The analysis showed that 35.5% of SMEs participate in social (cultural, environmental) projects and initiatives and plan to do so in the future. 21.5% of enterprises prefer to participate financially. Participation in certain initiatives is more often noted by enterprises with good financial situation, which plan to expand. The lack of funds prevents half of the respondents from participating in social initiatives; the significant barrier for 23.3% of SMEs is the absence of tax benefits.

A rough estimate of the share of social enterprises among SMEs in Belarus amounted to 7.6%. The solution of social, environmental and/or cultural problems is the main goal of such enterprises. This determines the high potential of such entities in the systematic solution of socially significant problems.

The Policy Paper is available only in Russian.