Policy Papers

Nadzeya Batava|Yauheniya Shershunovich|Irina Tochitskaya| 28.01.2021

Opportunities for circular transformation: the case of Brest and Mogilev regions in Belarus

This paper presents the results of the enterprise survey on the prospects of circular transformation in Belarus. The survey collected a sample of 452 state and private companies of large, medium and small size registered on the territory of Brest and Mogilev regions in Belarus. The findings show that despite the low level of understanding the circular economy concept in general, the Belarusian business consider that to some extent it can be implemented at various stages of the production cycle. However, in surveyed enterprises, there is a limited awareness of operationalization of circular business models, and benefits associated with it. The survey also identified constraints and barriers to circular transformation in Belarus.

This Policy Paper is available only in Russian.