Policy Papers

Anastasia Luzgina| 17.11.2018

Money and monetary funds as economic categories and their relationship with cryptocurrencies

In the article the categories of “money” and “monetary funds” are analyzed and the author’s interpretation of these definitions are given. Taking into account the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the author proposes a structure of interrelations of monetary funds, tokens, electronic and virtual money. With the purpose of giving a clearer understanding of the government positions on the issue of the virtual money market development, the article provides examples of operations’ regulations with cryptocurrencies in a number of countries. In the final part of the study, the status of private and national cryptocurrencies is defined, options for introducing virtual cash are considered, as well as cryptocurrency introduction as a supranational unit of account of the EAEU countries is proposed in case of transfer of the allied states to the final stage of monetary integration.

The publication is available only in Russian.