Policy Papers

Irina Tochitskaya|Yauheniya Shershunovich|Natalya Makaeva|Alena Artsiomenka| 10.02.2020

Green economy as a new trend for the business in Belarus

The aim of the work is to identify how the business in Belarus responds to the development of green and circular economy in the country and in the world. The research was conducted on the basis of the Executive MBA program of IPM Business School.

The introduction gives a brief overview of the green economy development in the world and describes some achievements in this sphere in Belarus.

The main part focuses on the methodology of the research and runs about the main quantitative results. It reveals the differences of the degree projects on green economy from those on the other subjects.

On the basis of the in depth interviews the main barriers to the development of business in the sphere of green, and in particular circular, economy in Belarus were defined: market, legislative, cultural, information, institutional, economic, political, technological, financial ones. They were compared to the deterrents inherent for the development of circular economy in the EU countries. To some extent the barriers in Belarus and the EU countries coincide.

The results received indicate the spheres of the green economy which are of the greatest interest to business (waste recycling, sharing economy and renting), and barriers to development of this sector in Belarus. They can be a basis for carrying out further research in this direction.

The policy paper was published in the Bulletin of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. Series 5. Economy. Sociology. Biology.