Policy Papers

Ihar Dzeraviaha| 28.12.2020

Circular Economy Strategy Development in Belarus

The research considers the issue of the circular economy strategy development in Belarus. Based on the analysis of the special literature, it was concluded that it is hardly possible to offer a unified concept of the circular economy. The latter is more like could be considered as a tool than an independent area of research and practice. The content of a circular economy will depend on the goals it applies to achieve. Given the nature of modern development policies, it is reasonable to consider the circular economy as a tool for green growth. In this context, it is advisable to focus the circular economy strategy on the key requirements of the latter. Developing strategy within the green growth framework, the five basic components were highlighted: institutional regulation, demand regulation, supply regulation, financing, efficiency assessment. Based on international experience and characteristics of the Belarusian economy, the most relevant issues for each of the five components that have to be disclosed in the circular economy strategy are proposed.

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