The research by Maryia Akulava and Aleh Mazol was published in the UNFPA and UNICEF monograph

The research "Education of children and parents: intergenerational mobility and impact on income" by Maryia Akulava and Aleh Mazol was published in the сollective scientific monograph "Belarus: family structure, family relations, reproductive behavior" prepared after the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) conducted in Belarus in 2017 by UNFPA and UNICEF.

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Improving quality of education led to the reduction of the social inequality and growth of equal opportunities in many countries. This policy paper examines the issue of intergenerational mobility in Belarus and looks at to what extent the level of parental education impacts on the income of individuals. The results reflect high and significant level of social mobility in the country for all age cohorts. In general, there is a significant growth in the educational level of the younger generation in relation to their parents.

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