The research by Anastasia Luzgina and Aleh Mazol was published in "Bankausky Vesnik"

The research "Development of the P2P Lending Market: Peculiarities of Functioning and International Experience" by Anastasia Luzgina and Aleh Mazol was published in "Bankausky Vesnik".

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The paper is devoted to the P2P lending companies’ activities. The paper gives the definition of crowdlending (P2P lending), describes specific features of this activity and presents its main advantages and disadvantages. The research defines the types of P2P lending and describes the main models of the crowdlending online platforms’ functioning. Separately, the article deals with the development of crowdlending market, as well as analyses the international experience of P2P lending platforms regulation. The conclusions are made about the prospects of P2P lending as part of the financial market.

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