Teaching Case by Radzivon Marozau and Julia Ivy was published in SAGE Knowledge

Teaching Case “FireDoors: A Belarusian Company is Going Global” developed by Radzivon Marozau, (BEROC, Minsk, Belarus) and Julia Ivy (Northeastern University, Boston, USA) was published in SAGE Knowledge.

The case is developed for discussion in International Business and Strategic Management courses on market entry strategies of small manufacturing companies from post-Soviet countries.

The case introduces a Belarusian company, FireDoors, which specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and installation of anti-smoke, and fire protection curtains for public spaces. The protagonist of the case, Dmitry, Co-founder and Director of Development, believes that continuing international expansion would help to secure the company’s profitability and sustainability.

The case demonstrates that instability in traditional well-studied regional markets compels a company to international expansion, while a mostly negative country image makes one consider opening an office and incorporating in a more benevolent jurisdiction. It also displays, that different developed markets provide different opportunities and bring different risks for a company and therefore require different sets of resources, capabilities, and competitive strategies.