FinTech map of Belarus was presented on September 11, 2019

On September 11, 2019 FinTech map of Belarus was presented by BEROC and Belarus Fintech Hub "FTh". This project is the first attempt to analyse the development and efficiency of the Belarusian FinTech market.

The data for the FinTech map came fr om the open-sources such as the official websites of the Belarusian High Technologies Park, IT-companies, banks, and other financial market players.

Anastasiya Luzgina - PhD, Deputy Director of Development (BEROC), talked about how the Map was created, described the segments of the map, and explained why some segments were or were not used for the map development. Moreover Anastasia Luzgina showed the preliminary results of FinTech market development in Belarus.

Denis Semenido - Head of the project "Garage of Innovations", spoke about practical aspects of innovations in the Belarusian banks.

Leonid Muzikus - Director of Development of the Association of Ukrainian Fintech and Innovation Companies, described how Fintech map of Ukraine was created, how Fintech market of Ukraine changed in 2018 in comparison with 2017, which segments grew, how the blockchain technology application changed, how Ukrainian fintech companies are distributed in Ukraine and in the world; he also talked about the main problem of the market and wh ere the market is heading.