Open Lectures and Seminars


Open Lecture with Shlomo Weber

Open lecture «Measurement of Linguistic Diversity" with Shlomo Weber was organized by BEROC in Minsk.

Date and time: September 28, 2018; 16:00 - 18:00

Venue: Beijing Hotel, 36 Krasnoarmeiskaya str., Minsk

In the global economy, linguistic diversity influences economic and political development as well as public policies in positive and negative ways. It leads to financial costs, communication barriers, divisions in national unity, and, in some extreme cases, conflicts and war - but it also produces benefits related to group and individual identity. What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of linguistic diversity and how does it influence social and economic progress? Shlomo Weber examines linguistic diversity as a global social phenomenon and considers what degree of linguistic variety might result in the greatest economic good.

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