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Open Lecture with Maribel Guerrero

BEROC arranged the open lecture with Prof. Maribel Guerrero "Corporate entrepreneurship and higher education organisations" on August 1, 2019.

About lecture:

The phenomenon of corporate entrepreneurship (CE) has evolved over the last five decades. In the 1970s was understood as the entrepreneurial activities developed by teams inside existing organisations. Later, in the 1980s was associated with the entrepreneurial behaviour inside established organisations. Afterwards, in the 1990s was focused on the organisational capability for developing innovations and new ventures. In the 21st century was linked to the efforts to establish sustainable competitive advantages. 

In this regard, this lecture had three purposes. The first one was to discuss through these decades: which type of conditions has determined the development of entrepreneurial activities inside organisations? which tools/strategies have been associated with successful cases of corporate entrepreneurship? which outcomes have generated the implementation of the entrepreneurial orientations inside organisations? The second one was to exemplify how the phenomenon of corporate entrepreneurship may be implemented inside higher education organisations. The third one is to provoke discussion about the entrepreneurial orientation of the participants' organisations.

About speaker:

Maribel Guerrero is a professor of entrepreneurship at Newcastle Business School (Northumbria University, UK) and at the School of Business and Economics (Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile). Previously, she had a researcher position at the Basque Institute of Competitiveness (Spain) as well as at the Deusto Business School (Spain). She holds a PhD and Master’s degrees in Business Economics by the Department of Business at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). 

Her main research interests are focused on the determinants and the impacts of intra-entrepreneurship on regional development as well as on the configuration/evolution of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. She has published several scholarly international publications in academic journals and books. She participates in the board reviewer in the Small Business Economics, Journal of Small Business Management, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, and the Technology Transfer Journal.  

She had participated in international projects sponsored by Santander Bank, OECD/European Commission, Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GEM), Spanish Ministries (Education and Industry), Regional Spanish Governments (Catalonia and Basque Country), the Mexican Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), and others. She founded the Observatory of University Entrepreneurship in Spain as well as leaded the Basque Country GEM team. She has collaborated in the HEInnovate platform. She is part of the technical team of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in Spain/Chile and the Panel Studies of Entrepreneurial Dynamics in Spain. 

For further details, please visit: LinkedInResearchGateGoogleScholar.

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