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Open lecture "Pandemic without Quarantine. Did it Help Belarus to Avoid Economic Shocks?"

Belarusian government did not take a comprehensive response to the COVID-19 pandemic. How did this approach affect the economy and people?

The answers were presented during the Open Online Lecture on October 7, 2021 by BEROC (Kiev) expert Lev Lvovskiy.

The event was based on results of study ""Laissez-faire" Covid-19: Economic Consequences in Belarus" conducted by BEROC economists Kateryna Bornukova and Lev Lvovskiy.

The reason for the recent recession in the world economy is the introduction of quarantine by various countries in order to protect the health of citizens. Refusing such measures, Belarus became a unique case. BEROC (Kiev) experts have documented data on what is happening in the conditions of non-intervention of the state:

  • In individual industries
  • With well-being of people
  • With psychological state of people

Some study findings:

Despite the absence of quarantine, some categories of Belarusians still suffered from the export shock and the shock of mobility. Economically, women have suffered more than men. Women were also more susceptible to depressions associated with loss of income.

Video of the Open Lecture is available in Russian