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Presentation of the study on Food Bank development strategy


Online Seminar on Food Bank development strategy was held on June 17, 2021. The event was organized by BEROC and the Center for Environmental Solutions.

Evgeny Lobanov, director of the Center for Environmental Solutions, Natalia Apanasovich, BEROC green economy coordinator, and Astrid Sahm, executive director of the International Education Center Dortmund (IBB Dortmund) made the opening remarks at the seminar.

Sergey Sysoev, BEROC analyst presented the results of the study conducted by BEROC experts. The study provides the assessment of the potential for the establishment of a Food Bank in Belarus, reviews global trends in the reduction of food losses and analyses foreign experience of Food Bank operation. Also, several possible strategies for the development of Belarusian Food Bank are proposed.

Speakers at the seminar were also Ryan Harty, International Desk Officer, Tafel Deutschland, Tatiana Kozelskaya, Deputy Director for Legal Affairs, PepsiCo and Elena Pischuk, Head of the Pilot Project of Belarus Food Bank "PISHCHA".