Open Dialogue


Workshop «Problems of the State-Owned Enterprises and Challenges-2020»

The online workshop «Problems of the State-owned Enterprises and Challenges-2020» was held on November, 11 within the project Open Dialog.

Dzmitry Kruk, BEROC Research Associate, made a presentation “Macroeconomic Circumstances of Low Effectiveness of the State-Owned Enterprises”. Alexander Chubrik, IPM Research Center Director lectured about “State-owned Enterprises in Production Sector, Exports and on Labor Market”. Pavel Daneyko, BEROC Director, made a presentation “The Role of State-owned and Private Sector in Belarusian Economy. Possibilities of the Reforms of the State-Owned Enterprises and Possible Results of the Reforms”.

The video of the event is available only in Russian.

BEROC implements the project Open Dialogue on Economic Reforms in partnership with Press Club Belarus with the financial support of the Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnership MATRA and Sweden.