Open Dialogue


Workshop for Journalists "How the Pandemic Changes the Lives of Belarusians"

COVID-19 pandemic provoked a severe economic crisis. Both companies and citizens suffer from it. Accurate and timely decisions are necessary to minimize the negative circumstances of the crisis.

Therefore, BEROC aimed its activities to research the economic situation in real-time and to provide the decision-makers with the results. One of the most important channels of the distribution of such information is regular communications with journalists.

On April 29, we organized an online workshop for journalists within the project Open Dialogue on Economic Reforms to present the results of the national population poll conducted in partnership with the research company SATIO.

The topic of the workshop, "How the pandemic changes the lives of Belarusians" attracted 32 participants, including journalists and economic experts.

The head of research projects of the research company SATIO Philipp Bikanov and academic director of BEROC Kateryna Bornukova were the speakers of the event. They presented the information on the changes of priorities and economic conditions of Belarusians, and on an attitude of the population to quarantine measures.

The video of the event is available only in Russian.

BEROC implements the project Open Dialogue on Economic Reforms in partnership with Press Club Belarus with the financial support of the Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnership MATRA and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Sida.