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The First Annual International Conference in Economics

The First Annual International Conference in Economics was organized by the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center on December 28, 2009 in Minsk.


Representatives of the Belarusian scientific economic community: current, undergraduate and post-graduate students, young teachers, professors, independent experts, researchers, economic journalists

Representatives of the international scientific diaspora, including leading economists of Belarusian origin

Representatives of the state authorities and international organizations.

In total around 100 people, 14 of them being famous Belarusian economists working in Western academia, participated in the Conference.

The Conference consisted of specialized topical panels on various aspects of modern economics followed by a plenary talk.It was the first major move to integrate Belarusian economic community into the global academic environment. The Conference became a specific meeting place for Belarusian experts who left and those who stayed in Belarus. The event demonstrated to the Belarusian society and the government that Belarus can be a attractive for the leading scholars and the best economists of Belarusian origin can and are willing to return home to work for the good of Belarus, for the development of its economic policy.

The Conference is to become a regular event in the scientific life of Belarus stimulating economic research and professional discourse on the problems in economy not only in Belarus, but also worlwide.


Implications of Corporate Taxation

Professor Yuri Tserlukevich, Arizona State University, USA, and Hong Kong University of Sciense and Technology, HK SAR, China

Interest Group Politics in a Federation

Professor Sergey Guriev, New Economic School, Russia

The Political Economy of Indirect Control

Professor Pierre Yared, Columbia Business School, USA

Watchdog or Lapdog? Media and the U.S. Government

Professor Nancy Qian, Yale University, USA

Designing Optimal Pension Systems

Maxim Troshkin, University of Minnesota, USA

Equilibria Refinement in Dynamic Voting Games

Professor Georgy Egorov, Northwestern University Kellog School of Business, USA


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