Policy Papers

Policy papers - applied research on economics that is practically oriented to form a strategy for promoting economic growth and improving the quality of economic policy in Belarus.
Sergey Mazol| 02.06.2020
Implementation of the principle of gender equality in corporate governance: experience of the Republic of Belarus
This paper is devoted to the study of the concept of responsible investment and the assessment of gender balance in the corporate governance of state-owned companies in Belarus.
Short-term perspectives of the Belarusian economy
This paper employs and combines different tools of macroeconomic analysis, which is argued to be more effective for uncovering alternative scenarios. For these scenarios, the study reports indicative estimates for main macroeconomic variables. Some of them are fraught with a substantial decline in GDP and/or painful financial stress.
| 07.05.2020
High education: distribution of admission scores
The paper considers demanding qualifications among applicants, distributions, and dynamics of admission scores.
Anastasia Luzgina| 07.05.2020
New challenges and features of the financial sector functioning in the conditions of pandemic
The policy paper considers the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund and analyses the measures that central banks take to support and enhance the quality of financial institutions work with economic entities, including customers, that are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Radzivon Marozau| 04.05.2020
Measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in Belarus in the context of the pandemic and global recession
The policy paper discusses the role and behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises in the period of crises and recessions. The main purpose is to overview and evaluate possible short- and medium-term measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Belarus based on international experience.