Policy Papers

Policy papers - applied research on economics that is practically oriented to form a strategy for promoting economic growth and improving the quality of economic policy in Belarus.
Nadzeya Batava|Irina Tochitskaya|Siarhei Sysoyeu | 10.09.2020
Monitoring Circular economy: focus on packaging
The paper analyzes new legislative initiatives in the EU and EAEU countries, aimed at solving the problems of packaging waste within the framework of building a circular economy.
Nadzeya Batava|Irina Tochitskaya| 07.09.2020
Readiness of Belarusian enterprises to implement the principles of circular economy: traditional vs circular
The paper reveals the peculiarities of perception of the circular economy concept by top management representatives of enterprises with traditional (linear) and circular business model.
| 01.09.2020
Foreign Investment: one IT sector cannot conquer alone
Only the information and communication technology sector continued to generate stable investment demand in 2019. It was effective in attracting investment not only because of the preferences granted to the industry, but also thanks to businesses’ determined efforts to raise investment funds as a well-proven tool for expansion in the market. However, in general, Belarus still lags behind other countries in terms of the investment attractiveness.
Macroeconomic situation-2019: a typical year of stagnation
In 2019, the Belarusian authorities were trying to maintain an infirm balance between (1) the preservation of the economic model with a dominant role of state-run enterprises, (2) a comforting rate of output growth, and (3) macroeconomic and financial stability. No success was achieved, and one of the components had to be sacrificed.
The assessment of poverty in Belarus for 2019
This paper estimates poverty in Belarus based on the cost of basic needs approach and using annual data of the Sample Household Survey on Living Standards from 2019.