Open Lectures and Seminars

Open Lectures series were launched in 2010 under the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

BEROC invites leading economists of Belarusian origin working abroad to present their research work to the Belarusian researchers, students and post-graduates.

Open Lectures serve as a platform for academic discourse and exchange of experience, modern knowledge and information. Such a platform helps to establish contacts and promotes dialogue with the international academic economic community.

Open Lecture ”Taxation: Historical Trends and Theoretical Explanation”
This study analyzes the dynamics of tax revenues and tax rates for a large set of countries for at least last 50 years. We establish several stylized facts. First, corporate and individual income tax rates have been steadily declining, while value added tax(VAT) has been increasing for the most of the countries. The VAT was introduced in many countries in late 70s and early 80s. Second, the total revenue as % of GDP as well as the share non-tax revenues in total revenue have not changed much. Third, while the share of individual income tax has remained constant, the share of corporate tax has increased in spite of falling tax rates. Fourth, the sale tax revenue has become the most import source of revenue. The recent theoretical explanations cannot account for the observed pattern. We proposed an alternative by incorporating capital mobility into a model of the optimal capital taxation with heterogeneous agents a la Conesa et al (2009).
Open Lecture ”Will I Get Paid? Employee Stock Options and Mergers and Acquisitions”
Open lecture with Yuri Tserlukevich took place on July 1.
Open Lecture "Effects of Trade Wars on Belarus”
Open lecture with Aleksandr Vashchilko took place on June 24.
Open Lecture "Challenges of the Future: Back to the Middle Ages”
Open lecture with Pavel Daneyko organized in cooperation with the Flying University and the Center for European Transformation took place on May 27.
Open Lecture ”Exchange Rate, Imports of Intermediate and Capital Goods and GDP Growth in Belarus” by Aleh Mazol
On November 27, center of economic research BEROC organized an open lecture " Exchange Rate, Imports of Intermediate and Capital Goods and GDP Growth in Belarus" delivered by Aleh Mazol.