Open Lectures and Seminars

Open Lectures series were launched in 2010 under the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

BEROC invites leading economists of Belarusian origin working abroad to present their research work to the Belarusian researchers, students and post-graduates.

Open Lectures serve as a platform for academic discourse and exchange of experience, modern knowledge and information. Such a platform helps to establish contacts and promotes dialogue with the international academic economic community.

Open lecture with Viktar Fedaseyeu and Lev Lvovskiy
Viktar Fedaseyeu and Lev Lvovskiy will present their work in progress "Where does the value of political connections come from? Evidence from sudden deaths"
Open Seminar with Elena Loutskina
Open seminar "Venture Capital Attraction in Start-ups" with Elena Loutskina was held in Minsk on August 25th.
Open seminar with Ilona Babenko
Ilona Babenko presented her work-in-progress "Executives in Politics"
Open Lecture with Shingo Goto
Open lecture of Shingo Goto “Academic Theories Meet The Practice of Active Portfolio Management”
Open Lecture with Viktar Fedaseyeu
Viktar Fedaseyeu presented a paper titled “Do CEOs Affect Employees’ Political Choices?”
Open Lecture with Lev Lvovskiy
Lev Lvovskiy presented his research "Mind The Gap: What Explains Changes in the Relative Timing of Marriage and Fertility?"